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Why choose Costa Rica for Dental Tourism?

Costa Rica is one of the top countries North Americans choose for major dental work because of its excellent reputation for high-quality dental restorations, excellent economic advantages offering great value, and the opportunity to take a fabulous vacation in a tropical paradise within close proximity to the USA.

Costa Rica is known globally for its nature, biodiversity, flora and fauna, world-class beaches, scenic Volcanic and mountain regions, and of course for Ecotourism.

These are some of the main reasons people choose Costa Rica for their dental work:


Most of the main cities in the US have direct flights to Costa Rica. The flight takes from 3-5 hours top, and they’re affordable. For example, a flight from Miami to San José usually costs less than $400 roundtrip, and you can arrive in 3 hours to the country.


In Costa Rica you can save 50-70% on your dental work. The rates of medical and dental treatments are regulated, so there’s a recommended rate for every treatment, and it represents the minimum they can charge.


Costa Rica is a very safe, enjoyable, and tranquil country, with low crime rates, no military since 1948, socialized healthcare, and a 99% literacy rate.


Dentists in Costa Rica are highly trained (for the most part in the US). They have a team of qualified professionals and use the latest dental technology, diagnostic tools, and imaging.
You can also find professionals who are fluent in English.

Costa Rica the best dental tourism destination


Costa Rica has more than 600 beaches between the Caribbean coast and the Pacific coast. You can visit with beautiful white sand, or volcanic black sand; beaches surrounded by tropical rainforest or palm trees, in just a few minutes from each other.


Located in Guanacaste. Pacific Ocean. Driving time: 4 h 50 min 258,6 km / 160,7 miles

Santa Teresa

Located in Puntarenas. Pacific Ocean. Driving time: 5 h 180 km / 111,8 miles *The route includes a ferry

Manuel Antonio

Located in Puntarenas. National Park with abundant wildlife. Driving time: 3 h 20 min 163 km / 101 miles.


Located in Guanacaste. Pacific Ocean. Driving time: 4 h 18 min 232 km / 144 miles

Whale Coast

Marino Ballena National Park is located in Puntarenas. South Pacific Coast. Driving time: 3 h 50 min 218 km / 135,5 miles


Located inside the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife and Marine Refuge. Limón. Caribbean Coast. Driving time: 4 h 50 min 237 km / 147 miles

Costa Rica also has 29 National Parks, 5 active volcanoes, and beautiful lagoons and rivers that surround them. You can go hiking, rafting, parachuting, hire tours with diverse activities or make your own personal tour.

La Fortuna (Arenal Volcano)

Located in Alajuela, in the Northern Highlands of Costa Rica. Driving time: 3 h 136 km / 84,5 miles


Located in Limón Province, in the Caribbean coast. Driving time: 3 h 6 min 129 km / 80,1 miles

Monteverde Cloud Forest

Located in Puntarenas. Popular for its impressive ecosystem. Driving time: 2 h 50 min 133 km / 82,6 miles

Nauyaca Waterfalls

Located in Puntarenas, in southern Costa Rica. Near Manuel Antonio and the Whale Coast. Driving time: 3 h 30 min 208 km / 129 miles

Poas Volcano

Located in central Costa Rica within Poas Volcano National Park. Driving time: 1 h 45 min 51,6 km / 32 miles

Pacuare River

Flows approximately 108 kilometres to the Caribbean. Its a popular location for rafting, kayaking and riverboarding. Driving time: 3 h 133 km / 82,6 miles

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